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Introduce Yourselves

4 years 5 months ago #11 by 1957
1957 replied the topic: Introduce Yourselves
Wow, all new and shiny!

I've been exploring DV and surrounding areas since the 70's and never tire of the place. I even played a high school football game against the Trona Tornadoes in 1971 in the Pit. I was a Tehachapi Warrior! One of my 5 high schools.

I try to get out 3 or 4 times a year. Sometimes for a week or two, sometimes just for a couple of days. Any desert time is good desert time. I also spend a lot of time in Palm Springs and Joshua Tree NP. Mostly travel alone tent camping in the back country away from crowds.

I get around in my 3rd Jeep this one a somewhat modified JK Rubi.

My nickname on the old DVTalk was "randall", but I haven't been able to logon lately so when I re-registered, it said "randall" was not available so I picked another. I would like to use randall if there's a way to change it. I think I was one of the first 10 posters when the original board was first launched. I've always enjoyed it.

Anyway, enough rambling, looking forward to many more years of useful info, old (and new) yarns, and good conversations.

I currently live in Petaluma in an old church my wife and I bought and renovated. We're not religious, just love the buildings.

See you on the trails.


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4 years 5 months ago - 3 years 8 months ago #9 by David_Bricker
David_Bricker created the topic: Introduce Yourselves
Since we have this new capability to introduce ourselves, let me be the first.

I've been coming to the Death Valley area since the late 1960's (please don't do the math on how old I am). I live in upstate New York, but still get the opportunity to visit DV several times a year.

I typically make my home base Panamint Springs when I come out to DV. I've know the current owners, the Cassells since they've purchased the property, and I consider them family.

I enjoy driving the old trails and exploring the back country. I have a Jeep that gives me the capabilities to travel any of the open routes within and outside the park, and like to discover historical artifacts, and leave them intact for others to enjoy.

Hope to hear the stories of others, and learn more about the folks that frequent this forum.

David Bricker / SYR
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