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This is a cyber equivalent of a desert campfire chat!

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Dear friends,
The old DVTalk campsite served us well since 2001. Over time, however, our one-of a-kind, custom programmed message board has become archaic and cumbersome, and it lacks the standard features of other, more contemporary message boards. Therefore, the time has come to move DVTalk to a more modern, better equipped campsite. 

All visitors wishing to post must register. If you were previously a registered user of DVTalk, we transferred your DVTalk Nickname and the email address that you used as your Login Name -- but not your password. Therefore, you must either reset your password, or register a new account with a new password.

We look forward to your joining our camp fire chat here at DVTalk's new camp site. We'll do our best to update the archives so that our discussions of the past remain viewable. 

Thank you all for your valuable contributions to the world's understanding of the places, people and things in the greater Death Valley region. 

Randy Banis (aka Last Chance Rand)

David Bricker
Jim Kenney (aka Rubi Blue)