Re: A CAUTION about TONIGHT's BLM meeting in Independence...

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Posted by desertsled on May 17, 2003 at 01:24:34:

In Reply to: Re: A CAUTION about TONIGHT's BLM meeting in Independence... posted by Jerry K on May 16, 2003 at 19:28:28:

Bleak prosperity? buck up? arkansas? property values? and midwest yuppies..duh uh, yup, a lot of folks round here in rural SoInyo already have low property values, and thats a good thing, we dont live here in speculation of prosperity, and thats a good thing, we have unsurpassed space and beauty thats increasingly hard to find, another good thing, yuppies only visit and go home and that don't bother me,and thats a good thing. its just interesting to observe this new breed of explorers and discoverers on their free time, free from the pressures of population and their reactions to and on this land, and thats a reality, while arkansas fills with 40 acre pharm yuppies, Death Valley and environs will increasingly dwindle in both indigenous local population, and unfortunately accessability to our public lands. all the while tourism is and will will the migrant resort workers ... For the fortunate few local merchants of prosperity, this is good, and for the indigenous hangers on with low property value and service level jobs and a great view ..this is very good, after all how many people can truely live in a place or raise a family without the budgeoning pressures of population..Bleak ..nah, could be worse, if LA-DWP, blm,dvnp,inyo national forest,ect ect didnt steal/restrict/ and conserve this land, it would be like bakersfield, palm springs, Big Bear and south central L.a. in no time....Yet the way they're goin, a person would have to be a hiker/backpacker to go anywhere off the hiway viewshed, Darn guess i'd have to scrap my useless jaPan4x..n walk.. Just like life in the desert, prepare yourself for the worst, and hope for the best. a paradox in panamint.

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