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Posted by desertsled on May 15, 2003 at 22:46:19:

In Reply to: A CAUTION about TONIGHT's BLM meeting in Independence... posted by Last Chance Rand on May 15, 2003 at 14:33:15:

One day in the forseeable future DVNP will extend west and east to all military reserves and most likely extend to hwy 395, most if not all dirt roads will be closed all together.unless you get a use permit or a reservation such as you need to hike up whitney in these modern times. On a selfish note ..i am happy i spent the time in the not so distant past 30+ yrs and did a lot of off road exploration in this place the people called INYO, about 20 yrs ago Death Valley was a place the garden variety tourist would buy one egg at josephs market in lone pine, take it out to a nearly deserted death valley mid summer in their rent-a-cars, crack the egg on the hood and see if it fries, just like they saw on their primetime Euro car promo-propaganda commercials back at home.. Death Valley had a fraction of the enthusiasm 20 yrs ago as it sports today ..i delivered ice cream & dairy products to all places from Bishop to southern inyo county and nevada in those mom n pop days.... ..Panamint resort was a derelict, deserted and abandoned resort . MOM and POP are dead now.. and..Today is a different story, eggheads on testestoooorone and beer, full of patriotic propoganda and ferver, do the trucktuff like a rock routine..and leave lasting impressions everywhere they go- for others to follow both on and off the highway..and it doesnt take many of them to leave an impression for everyone to bare, and it dosent take a rocket scientist to figure out that they are totally brainwashed by the commercial media telling them to buy a 4x4 of any brand and go out and explore.. where no mans gone before..look at the totally lame HUMVEE commercials on TV, the Chevy commercial with the buffalos,,whats up with that? or A slow talkin redneck selling a horse haulin slurburbane to the gentleman rancher ,or a bunch of mountain bikers from orange county getting away from it all in their honda hacienda somewhere in lucerne valley-..yeah right.hollywould..but it sells..!! welcome to droneville,,but it brings an economy to the automakers & even way out here,,the paradox & the problem- it does & will effect everyone who really lives here and enjoys the many things INYO has/had to offer.. just drive up hwy 395 on a friday night during ski season...
whaddya see.. oversized milkmaid 4x4s full of ego strokin puff-yuppies... on quality time...and of course if you are driving too slow, and disrupt their flow, you may experience the all american road rage syndrome.. and mostly by those who drive the oversized Henrys F's pre-madonna brand...after all they are special people .
Alias, soon we will be confined to assfault and scenic viewsheds where we can pull over, check our map & gps, and snap a picture, then go get a beer...maybe check the airpressure in the tires. what fun.. well enjoy and explore while you still can.

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