Strangest DV conversations, revisited

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Posted by RiverRat on September 06, 2002 at 11:25:34:

Have been out of town on work, am now catching up on old posts.

My strangest DV conversation was ever so long ago in December 1986 when I took my new girlfriend (now wife) to DV. She had never been, so we did the standard newbee things (D Falls, C Kilns, Z Point/Golden Canyon hike, Lemonaid Spring hike, T Canyon, Racetrack Road) in my old white '71 Ford Maverick. After Darwin Falls we went to the Charcoal Kilns. There was a layer of snow on the ground, and the Pinyon Pines had dropped their pinenuts (the only time I have found enough pinenuts to collect). Around dusk we started out for warmer locations (as if anything in the desert is warm in late December). Somewhere below the Kilns, somewhere above where the Skidoo pipeline crosses, a big Caddy-type car, comming up, with Nevada plates, stops us, guy leans out the window, and demands "Is this the road to Beaty?"

Well, no it isn't, unless you work very hard, I explain, probably at greater length than he was really interested in. We continue down, he turns around and doesn't pass us so much as flies low over us, leaving a big rooster-tail of dust and gravel. Sorry, it's not our fault.

We had a lovely time.

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