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Posted by hank jr on January 23, 2002 at 01:14:24:

In Reply to: Locker vs Limited Slip posted by Lee on January 22, 2002 at 11:29:30:

Not true!!!!!! . Why would you spend 500 for a limited slip, when you could get a detroit locker installed and bought for 750? You can't compare the two- limited slips are good for drag racing- not off-road. I used to have a limited slip in my truck, and I couldn't do loose gravel. Now, with my locker I can do anything around. How many trucks/jeeps on the Rubicon have limited slips?
Lockers help in a lot more than just "verticle rocks". It will help you in sand, loose gravel, mud, non-verticle rocks, and any other off road condition. It is also not any less smoother, unless you try to hot rod around curves and peel rubber out of parking lots. If your going to travel backcountry you must be prepared. Invest in a locker it is slightly more than the limited slip and a lot more effective- if you don't believe me go to Moab, Rubicon,etc and ask around...

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