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Posted by Dezdan on January 14, 2002 at 22:14:17:

In Reply to: Re: Butte Valley Cabins posted by outthereguy on January 14, 2002 at 16:34:50:

Me and the Drifter ran into the food problem this last summer at the Geologist Cabin. We arrived early morning just to stop by and check to make sure everything was ok. When we opened the door, and looked at the floor it was a mess!!!! The flag pole window had been knocked out and one of the fattest Deer Mice I have every seen chewed its way through the screen. It had made himself (herself?) a home in the cabin and started to nest(?) in a chair, tearing a large hole in it and collecting food and stashing it in the chair (The chair now rest outside). Our first problem was getting the little guy out of there, it was easy to spot it since it was so fat, but it still ran fast as hell. The two of us each had brooms and chased it around the cabin trying to get it out side, looked more like a hockey game if you ask me. We finally got it outside, now came the clean up. Not only did it leave dropping everywhere, it left a foul smelling yellow/green urine like substance everywhere, and it had also gotten into and had been feeding on a bunch of soup packages someone had left. We ended up picking up most of the chairs and stuff, and bringing in a five gallon can of water and watering down the whole place before we started to sweep. After that was done, we replaced the window the best we could (It still needs putty!!!). After that was all done, as we locked the place up, we noticed that when you closed the door, it still had a gap where critters could get in, and that was not what we wanted after we did all of this cleaning, so we ended up putting another latch on the door so it would close tight. Finally a couple of hours behind and minus 5 gallons of water we were on our way. But, I guess what I wanted to say was we need to take care of these places as best we can, but not to the point where the NPS does not like it (Which to them, could be sweeping the floor). It is kind of a catch 22, do you repair it and get the NPS mad to where they close the place down, or do you leave it and watch the place slowly fall apart.


How We Found The Place.

The Chair The Critter Nested In.

After We Watered Down The Place And Picked Up Most Of The

The Drifter Doing The Final Touches On The Window.

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