Leonid Report

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Posted by Art Berggreen on November 18, 2001 at 20:03:23:

What an event! After driving out to the Panamint Springs Resort,
we ate dinner, set the alarm for 1AM and tried to get a little sleep.
Thank yous to all who recommended viewing spots! We ended up driving
up to the Father Crowley Point pull-off and setting up. We immediately
started seeing meteors. We watched from about 1:30 until about 3:00,
before driving back to catch a few more hours of sleep. The meteors
seemed to come somewhat in "waves", but there was rarely more than several
seconds until another. On average, it seemed that we saw a meteor every
1-2 seconds during the peak times. We remarked on how fast they seemed
to travel, and how widely across the sky they appeared. Definitely the
best meteor shower we've experienced.

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