Panamint City update

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Posted by ezeweb on November 10, 2001 at 21:50:52:

My brother and I successfully made it up and back to Panamint City Thursday (11/8/01). Wow! thats a climb, we kept waiting for a level area to give us a break but there is none! Aside from some sore knees,ankles, legs and a few blisters, the trip was well worth it.

We both reconsidered our thoughts of having to walk up. Both of us concluded that the town as it is now would not be intact as it is if you could. The Pelton water wheel, generators, Ball mills, aluminum tankers, all would have been long gone with road access. Even I was tempted to take a brick back from the smelter stack as a souvenir but the walk up, quickly discouraged me from putting one in my pack. I just fear if the Novacs lost their camp somehow ,the gate would be at Ballarat, which would make it unaccessable by most.
By the way the BLM locked gate is in the wash below Novacs camp, you can still park in front of their place.(and yes we gave them a 12pack of Pepsi)

I only hope we can express our concerns through voting some of these "eco-extremists" out of office and allow our future generations to see the sites we have.

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