What the desert has taught me

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Posted by Harold Ericsson on September 22, 2001 at 13:19:49:

The desert is my teacher. A few beers on the porch at Panamint Springs and then I'm heading south on the Panamit Valley Road off of 190. In a contemplative mood I soon arrive at the Trona Wildrose Road. I can turn left and enter Wildrose Canyon or I can turn right and head for the delights of Trona. I do nether. I get out of my truck, I'm curious about an old rusty sign set off to the south of the Panamint Valley Road, the sign is next to a little used dirt road, it warns of sonic booms and low flying aircraft.
Then I walk over to the signs directing traffic at the intersection of the Panamint Valley Road and the Trona Wildrose Road. One sign consists of arrows, one pointing north, one pointing south. But there is more: a single word that explains it all.

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