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Posted by SteveS on September 21, 2001 at 12:28:47:

I just got back from a trip up Mazorka Canyon (East of Indepenence) and Wyman and Silver Canyon (Ancient Bristlecone Forest). None of these are Car roads, but a truck should do fine, unless noted.

I started up Mazorka Canyon and went to the microwave towers, Great view and a good road. Heading North from the towers the roads becomes 4X. Some nice country and the road looks to get little travel. there are a few real good camp spots up on the ridge which ends at Papoose Flat. the road heading down from there has a few tight switchbacks but is a good road.

The Road heading up Wyman got bladed in the last few months and now has a few signs, which weren't there a few years back. The line shacks where empty and tire tracks where a few days old at least. The water was flowing good.

Up on the top the weather was perfect and planes where noticably absent, it was good to hear a few planes the next day.

The road heading down Silver Canyon is as steep as always and I used Lo range to keep off the breaks. Good road with some great views.

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