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Posted by Lewis Shorb on August 14, 2001 at 02:24:28:

This weekend, we were over at my sister inlaws for my mother inlaws birthday party. I spotted the Sept. issue of Motor trend mag on the table. There was a artical about a Death Valley SUV torture test.

I opened the artical and saw pics that made my mouth drop!!!!
They showed these meat heads driveing on sand dunes in the park, driveing off established roads and spinning there wheels in the dirt, pics of suvs in lake beds, also showed pics of exploring mines with just a flash light.

I cant believe how iresponsible Motor Trend mag is!!!
What a bunch of nimrods!!! I can just see people picking up this mag and heading out to DV and trashing the place!!

This artical should be called "Peoples exhibit A"!


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