PSR Dine

Saline Valley

(85 miles)

The Saline Valley Road runs from State Highway 190 on the south to the Death Valley-Big Pine Road on the north, skirting the base of the Inyo Mountains lengthwise through the Valley. Both the South and North Passes may be closed during winter due to snow, but generally the road is open and in good graded condition. The Saline Valley Road provides access to the Hot Springs, Hunter Canyon, the old Salt Works and Tramway, and the lush Salt Lake Marshlands. This can also be one of the worse washboard roads in the Park. The road is fairly well-travelled, but still very remote -- occasionally you can drive its entire length without seeing another vehicle. Avoid the temptation for high speeds -- mistakes can disable your vehicle. Also note that during winter months, the North and South Passes are frequently impassable due to snow and ice.

Difficulty Rating: 2