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Papoose Flats

(Approx. 9 miles from Death Valley/Big Pine Road; 25 miles for loop via The Narrows; 65 miles from Big Pine to Independence via Badger Flats & Mazourka Canyon)

From Death Valley/Big Pine Road trail immediately splits into 9S15 to Papoose Flats and 9S14 to The Narrows. Take 9S15 up and over west side of Andrews Mountain. Low range is required up the long, steep ascent, and street tires are not recommended. Descend south into Papoose Flats marked by several granite outcroppings scattered across the large flat plateau.

At southern end of Papoose Flats is a fork. Take northeast fork 10S07 to neighboring Squaw Flat and The Narrows of upper Marble Canyon. Route becomes 9S15 north up and over east side of Andrews Mountain via more very steep and winding roads back to starting point at Death Valley/Big Pine Road.

Or at southern tip of Papoose Flats, take fork to south to Badger Flats and then descend Mazourka Canyon via 13S05 to mouth, then west to Independence.

This area is outside of Death Valley National Park on lands administrated by the Inyo National Forest.

Difficulty Rating: 3