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Posted by Not been there in a while on September 30, 2003 at 21:37:16:

In Reply to: Greater View Cabin (Stella's place) posted by Denver on September 27, 2003 at 16:05:28:

I posted the info regarding length & maybe diameter sometime in the first half of 2003. I don't see any messages in either this list or any of the archives for 1/2003 - 5/2003 and I don't have the info anywhere else.

Anyway, the pipe needs to be replaced from the top of the stove out through the roof. I guessing more like 12 - 16 feet. 12 feet will likely be enough, 16 feet will definitly have some left over. Also need to include a dampener. To be thorough the metal flashing that covers the hole in the roof would also be replaced.

The two key problems are that the pipe in the attic is split open (as a poor method of joining two sections of pipe that didn't fit together), and that two sections of pipe inside the cabin are joined with a wrap of aluminum foil.

I've not been back since last winter. I don't know its current state. But if you are going to the trouble to haul stuff up to repair, it would definitely be very worth while to replace everything from the top of the stove up and out the roof.

Fixing this will be a good thing to do. The situation as I saw it was very risky with respect to fire hazard and carbon monoxide hazard. Not that gassing the mice would be a bad thing :).

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