Re: Springs, hoses, water stops along the way.

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Posted by Scootertrash on September 26, 2003 at 14:28:36:

In Reply to: Springs, hoses, water stops along the way. posted by Curious on September 25, 2003 at 14:37:47:

Make sure you advise somebody of your trip plans and location where you want your body shipped. Want to be buried or cremated? Or like the Germans with no water...they are still missing.You MUST be totally self contained when out in the desert. Springs are nice when they are running, but they do dry out on occasion. Last year Russells had a dead skunk floating in the catch pond and you could not get within 100 feet of the well without vomiting..... when intoxicated at midnight I removed Mr. skunk. The Jack Gunn spring is currently looking like a Mac Donalds shamrock shake as it is filled with Donkey poop, and joel and his wife swim naked at China spring and Darwin falls(water tastes funny) If a hotel loses power(they do all the time) they cannot pump water, and with no electricity they have to close the store until the repair is made. I have been forced to drink cold beer at Panamint jerrys while the diesel generator was getting an oil change. The Johnson valley spring pipe is currently 80 GPM and you can drink from the pipe.After years of drinking that sweet water from there joel advised me that the spring is mercury contaminated so spit out the runny silver stuff. Really now...... travel with all your water on board.Do not trust or depend on ANY written info on springs or wells. There is plenty of water out there but be self contained just in case.

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