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Posted by Tom Worker, Friends of Briggs on May 31, 2003 at 22:53:35:

In Reply to: Re: Briggs Cabins - just a guess... posted by Last Chance Rand on May 30, 2003 at 11:41:00:


Thanks for the support. Just for the record, we were not up at The Briggs over Memorial Day, and the FOB's share! We would never post a sign down below saying the cabins were unavailabe, we've met some really great people as they pass through regardless of whether they stay or not.

Moreover, we have never exercised any "proprietary rights" over the cabins, even when we have come up with trucks loaded with lumber and other materials for a project. We simply asked for some consideration or help, and in all prior situations, anyone staying there was more than happy to give us that consideration.

The Briggs is a wonderful and special place, but it does not exist without the CONSTANT attention from the many people who value and care for it, especially The Friends of Briggs Camp (FOB). However, the tide is turning, and as more people hear about the place and visit, the more there is to take care of and worry about from week to week.

I personally support designated volunteer work times, if for no other reason than to pick-up and pack out the damd trash that's left after most weekends. However, I really would rather aviod the confrontations, and have every visitor simply pick-up after themselves and the prior visitor that didn't, and let me know what's up after their visit so that everyone can continue to enjoy not only The Briggs, but all of the other special cabins that are now being taken care of by volunteers.

It's kind of a labor of love. All of the volunteers I know would rather be in the desert and at their adopted cabin than anywhere else, but most of us have jobs and other commitments that take far more of our time.

So, when we finally get the opportunity to visit our adopted-special place, we'd rather not see things being taken advantage of, or worse yet, being trashed.

The cabins are open to all on a first come, first served basis. This applies to the "Friends" as well, at least at this time. However, continued misrepresentation and abuse will only serve to imply new rules and regulations that we're all trying to avoid by going out to the desert cabins in the first place!

It's time for everyone to just "Do The Right Thing!


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