Trail Report Cerro Gordo - Swansea

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Posted by Joel Briggs on May 27, 2003 at 23:13:01:

The backroad (Lee Flats) into Cerro Gordo is in fair condition. Some rough spots, nothing serious. Several of the side roads still have patches of snow and in one spot we had to turn around.

The Swansea Rd from Cerro Gordo and beyond is a different story. In fact, you need a high clearance four wheel drive vehicle and experience driving it to get through. We had to help out a 4x4 Ram Truck that got stuck on one of the grades - was on two tires. The road is very rough and I do mean rought in a few places and requires a spotter to navigate them.
It took me three attempts to get up one of the rough spots.

Might add, did see a fairly large mountain lion cross the road up on the ridge.

The road exiting out to Keeler is ok, but again, some rough spots - prepare to get dirty (hint).

If you plan to do this road - do it with another vehicle.

Overall - a great run to start the summer season. Will be posting a trip write-up along with some pictures here shortly.


P.S. Found two chairs and a family size tent on the road exiting out toward Keeler.

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