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Posted by Mike Wood on May 27, 2003 at 20:55:29:

In Reply to: Barker Ranch posted by Steve G on May 27, 2003 at 20:06:22:

We were up there in my Tacoma this past weekend, but we didn't stop at Barker. (you might have seen us if you were on the trail on Sunday afternoon..Silver 4DR tacoma with a bedload full of camping equipment) The trail was pretty tough further up and over into Butte Valley. The road was in decent shape and is very doable with decent clearance, some patience and 4WD. The road to Barker is currently missing the sign and was passable when I was up there at the end of March. We didn't head down the trail, but my guess is that its still passable.

Suggestions for next year would be to plan to camp out there and make sure to go with someone who spends time out there. There are quite a few of us regulars on here that wouldn't mind having a tag along for the trip. Its always a good idea to have more than one vehicle out there on a trip. TAKE PLENTY OF WATER AND FOOD. A GPS will help find places you might be looking for. If you rent a vehicle, you might consider getting a 4WD Tacoma or Jeep (tacoma is my personal I own one)...SUVs aren't typically designed to take the offroading abuse with roads like Goler, but I think a 4WD Trooper or a Montero Sport should do it ok. Thats not to say that it wouldn't make it of course. Do some research on the area, there are ALOT of things out there if you look a the topographic maps of that area! (hint hint). Read a book about 4WD and get some practice with the vehicle you are using for the trails, just being patient, will get you further than you can possibly imagine. 4LO is our friend!

But, with all that said, you did the right thing turning around and heading back to Ridgecrest. While there is regular traffic on that road, you never know how long it will be before someone will come along and be able to help you out. Just keep the worse case senerio in mind when traveling out there, and you'll do just fine!

Enjoy the Panamints!
Mike Wood

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