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Posted by Trevor Tarr on May 16, 2003 at 18:10:20:

In Reply to: Drinking and off-roading posted by Slim on May 15, 2003 at 18:31:21:

Wow, what a collection of soap boxes we've brought to the forum today! At least we know what your buttons are now...

Back to the original question: as has been said, yes, you can still get busted by Park Rangers for DUI, even on offroad trails. But it's really all about common sense, isn't it? If dehydration is an issue, don't drink. I guess avoiding all alcohol during hot months is ONE solution.... If you're feeling drunk, don't drive. It's not that complicated.

That said, I certainly feel more comfortable enjoying a cold one before/during 'wheeling (at least on level ground) than I would on city streets. That's based on several factors. Driving down Saline Valley Road, compared for instance to Santa Monica Blvd., any impairment is much less likely to result in damage/injury to my vehicle, your vehicle, pedestrians, or property. There's just less stuff to hit ... and it's all softer. Add to that the fact that offroad you're less likely to be stopped, and less likely to be cited if you are.

I'm not advocating driving drunk, either offroad or on. And now this reply is much longer than I intended....


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