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Posted by Zona on May 13, 2003 at 23:02:55:

In Reply to: Re: ????what is length of strip??? posted by zardoz on May 13, 2003 at 13:15:07:

I land an Archer (PA28-181, 180 hp) in there all
the time.....In the winter mostly.
The strip is about 1300 ft long, up hill, with
no go around! You have to land in the first 1/4
of the runway, and if it looks bad, turn right about
25 feet in the air, or else you might find the hill
to the north which is steeper and higher than it looks.
Say away from this runway if you have a tail wind of more than
3 knots. Same goes for take off, leave at first light when there
is no wind in the summer, and the temps are cool.
I leave the flaps in (less drag) till I'm really down at the lower
end of the strip, then put them in in the last bit. You
only have to clear a 5 foot bank at the end on take off,
and then turn right to go down the wash for more room.
I did take off with two people(me and a friend, 350lbs)once. about 85 deg, 1/2 fuel, with a five knot tail wind..
..and used about 1250 feet....don't do it! Just remember
the air close to the ground is hotter, and the engine makes
much less power, the wing lifts less, and the ground speed has
to be high at lift off. The soft runway is drag too! Be careful.
Hope this helps.

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