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Posted by Jerry K. on May 08, 2003 at 16:21:29:

In Reply to: The mighty Amargosa River posted by gs2offroad on May 06, 2003 at 13:30:01:

I attended the National Association of Geology Teachers - Far Western Section field trip to DV in the spring of '83. After leaving the kids with Grandma at our place in La Crescenta, my wife and I made our way east. I had visited a few DV-area spots while pursuing my degree at CSUFresno, so I was heading back to a somewhat familiar area. Which is why I was way north of the speed limit when I hit the first flows of the Amargosa south of Tecopa at 60 mph or more.

A startling experience at any time, but especially so on a moonlit night, in a happy relaxed mood, on my way camping. By the time I figured out to turn on the wipers, I hit the 2nd branch, sending water far and wide, probably at 40 mph or so. After that I was going slow enough to spot the motorcyclists who were trying their best to get out of my way, knowing I was bulldozing my way through.

As we walked through the campgrounds in Shoshone that night, I noticed most of the vehicles were liberally covered with dried muddy water.

The flooding was so bad we had to re-engineer our field trip, the west side road was completly closed, and many east side areas needed dozer or grader work.

As for the cfs arguments, the flow rate takes the stream cross section into account, so the number by itself can mean for example water flowing 1 foot deep across a 1,000-foot width at 1 foot per second, or 1,000 feet deep 1 feet wide at the same rate. As I recall, 1 cfs = 60 cfm = ~450 gpm. So you can get an idea of the gallons flowing through a wide channel.

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