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Posted by Joel Briggs on April 10, 2003 at 10:31:58:

Name “using” etiquette: I have always found requests of this nature should be address as general and not by direct names. Putting someone on the spot like this is just plain out wrong in my opinion (see message below regarding Nelson Range), unless stated otherwise by that individual. Some people will disagree with this philosophy.

The fundamental foundation of this site, and a good many others, is to provide guidance for those visiting this place we love, treasure and respect – Death Valley. Some sites have failed at understanding this fundamental foundation.

Appreciation of its history, past and present cultures, and of its wonders must be discovered by the individual. This appreciation to find places “off the beaten path” must be done by the individual with some guidance and judgment by the “regular” user – after a request is made. Termed - he/she must do 90% of the research as to find it on their own as to fully appreciate what it is and what it has to offer. If the research is done right, it will illustrate what the site is all about. This may include learning about the individual or group of their struggles, awards, and other key events. And if you do your research right, visiting the site, the site will come alive and you can feel, hear, and walk those long forgotten trails/boardwalks with these guests as one – sort of re-living the past!

Many long nights have been spent at the library doing just this – my reward – a step back in time – fully appreciating what the site is about. Granted, I have had some disappointments, but so did other discoverers and explorers – but you must keep going!

In the past, I have been at fault for this: recklessness use of information. Only after being spammed, cursed, and removed from a few groups, I have learned this value the hard way. Granted, I have now applied this to a few others and a few sites - only after trying to correct their ways. But again – who I am too question someone else beliefs? I can’t. I can only go off my beliefs – be them right or wrong!

Silence is golden – but aiding another explorer, adventurer is an invisible foundation, a fine line - we all must find. Some will never find it and there is nothing wrong with this as I have found out.

Many places I have discovered I would love to put on the web, but elected not too. Those I have posted are only posted after careful consideration of what they have to offer, their usage, safety, and artifact merit. Some will disagree. If a stranger requests information, I will guide them with a start – and nothing more!

Last year was an eye opener for me – one article/place I posted on my site was looted and the building shot up. For this – I am to blame and blame alone. Presently I am working with the BLM as to restore this site and the building. Sort of my punishment for my recklessness.

Research is the key – guidance is the foundation – discovery is the award!

Well, I am sorry for rambling on and stirring up the hornets nest…

Joel Briggs

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