Extream Northern Death Valley (Roads, Wildflowers)

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Posted by David A. Wright on April 10, 2003 at 10:26:50:

Took a day trip out from my home in Owens Valley - across Eureka Valley, to Crankshaft Crossing, across to Tule Canyon, up Tule (with a detour to Gold Point), to Tule Summit, down to Pigeon Spring, then back to Owens Valley via paved highways.

The road through Eureka Valley is in excellent shape, the dirt as smooth as pavement. Wildflowers in the valley are consistent, but small.

The road past Crater to Crankshaft is washboarded heavily in places.

At Crankshaft Crossing, wildflowers are in abundance.

The road between Crankshaft Crossing and the mouth of Tule Canyon is fine. Gravelly and rocky in spots. The road at major wash crossings poses no problems. Just before the DVNP/CA/NV border the wash and road are one, slow going with rocks here. Beyond the Nevada border the road is in fine shape. Wildflowers were abundant.

Tule Canyon to the south detour was being bladed as I passd by Esmeralda County. Fine shape. The orignal road between all three detour roads alternates between good and barely existent through the recent and relaimed strip mining activity. The road north beyind the recent mining is freshly bladed. Wildflowers in lower Tule sparce. None north of Roosevelt Well. Joshua trees blooming in the central portion of the canyon below the piņon belt.

Road north of Tule Summit is freshly bladed. It also appears the road southwest into Cucomungo Canyon back into Eureka was also freshly bladed.

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