Re: Firearms, the backcountry and you?

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Posted by panamint charlie on March 05, 2003 at 22:50:35:

In Reply to: Firearms, the backcountry and you? posted by Curious on March 05, 2003 at 00:05:02:

I once got jumped by five guys while hiking about ten years back.Held my own the best I could but they were five and I was but one.Having learned my lesson a few years later while hiking in Anza Borrego at nite I walked into a camp of about ten "International travelers" they said a few things to each other in spanish and started to walk to me not looking all that happy to see me.Not taking any chances I unleashed the mighty Winchester 1300 Defender 12ga with pistol grip from my pack.They ran to all points of the globe.Was that nessesary? who knows but I felt a lot safer.I have also carried a S&W 9mm but nowadays I dont because I dont want the hassel with the Rangers(I did get searched by border patrol once.they said it was wise to carry.They had seen a lot of bad things happen to people in remote areas that you dont here about on the news)If I am camping out of the truck nothing can beat the Ruger Miny 14 ranch rifle.When it comes to your safty do what you have to do.Dont let someone else decide your fate for you.Check out this book writen by a friend of mine STRONG ON DEFENCE by Sanford Strong

Happy and safe trals to all

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