Re: Firearms, the backcountry and you?

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Posted by hank jr on March 05, 2003 at 21:19:08:

In Reply to: Firearms, the backcountry and you? posted by Curious on March 05, 2003 at 00:05:02:

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to carry guns in the Death Valley or any other National Park, so I don't carry there. There have been a few times, one in praticular, when I really wish I did have one while within Death Valley park boundaries.

I am a much better rifle and shotgun shooter than I am pistol, but when I am out in the backcountry (where it is legal to do so), I highly advocate having some extra "insurance". The best kind of weapon for outdoor use would be a small 38-- it is lightwieght, easily concealable, and does the job in an emergency. I always like to sleep with the ultimate defense weapon near me, a 12 gauge shotgun. Unless you are very, very, very proficient with a pistol, in a high pressure life threaening situation, the odds are much better a wide patterning shotgun will deliver a fatal blow.

Pugsly brings up a good point that while in the outdoors, you will most likely be far away from effective law enforcment. Getting a hold of their dispatcher is also a concern. Just like one should bring a first aid kit, spare tire(s), or a fire extinguisher for safety reasons, one should also bring some sort of firearm along.

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