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Posted by Harold Ericsson on March 04, 2003 at 10:02:20:

Lightfoot Louie has asked me to pass this information on to you. Birdman.

Hi Birdman. Could you pass this along to TJ? Thanks!

To TJ:

Right on , guy. My hat's off to ya! It's nice to meet someone who isn't afraid to learn from experience. I know the areas you described very well, and the burros are a problem. If you work on the waterline again, you can salvage those kinked areas without replaing the whole sections. There's several things that you can do, but I'll list three of the things that I used quite a bit:

1. That waterline is pretty tough. As long as there's not a hole tore into it, you can work the kink out by setting the (empty) kinked section in the sun for a while, then working it back to shape with 2 rocks having some kind of flat surface (watch the fingers!). This step takes a little time, and patience, but I have used it many times to save the kinked area, and once the cold water starts flowing through it, it holds it's shape just fine, as long as you clear the problem which caused it to kink in the first place. On a warm day, you can iron out a kink in about 15 minutes, once you get set up.

2. If you don't want to attempt that procedure, you can cut the line at the kink (unless you've figure out how to cut the line easily, and in a couple of seconds with a knife, in which case you cut 1-2" either side of the kink), and put lengths of plastic, 1/2" pipe nipples (various lengths) to join the line. It's best to use hose clamps, but 1/2" pipe nipples will fit tight enough into 3/4"line to make a good seal, if you work the nipples into the line. There should be plenty of spare connectors at various spots along that line.

3. Another way is to add a piece of line at the kink. I usually added about 10 feet, and made a loop. That waterline "walks" downhill, and a loop will tell you how much it's walked in so much time, but you have to put the loop in a burro free spot. This step takes a little thinking and planning. One thing about those burros: they will mess with the line on purpose, whether you want to believe it or not, and they love to kick loops, and tanks that don't have water in them.

There's several other things you can do at kinked spots. Those are just 3 things that you can try.
It's just my opinion, but I think that a "group project" (no matter what group) would do more harm than good. 50 hands, 50 different ways of doing things. But since it's no longer my waterline, then it's really none of my business what happens to it

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