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Posted by Harold Ericsson on March 02, 2003 at 12:05:38:

In Reply to: Ballarat assitance needed posted by Lewis on March 01, 2003 at 18:49:10:

HI Birdman. Here's a comment about the waterline in Ballarat: Bwahahhahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!! (and you can quote me on th
at!!). I spent 7 years on that SOB ( I installed it 2 years before Don left, and did most of the maintenance during those 2 years, before I took over and did ALL of the maintenance on that thing, BY MYSELF), and plugging was BY FAR the MOST recurring problem of any that I had with that waterline. What happens is that there is heavy minerals in the water, and it forms a scale on the inside of the line. When that scale (it's a light brown scale, the likes of which I've never seen anyplace but Ballarat) gets thick enough on the walls of the waterline, it breaks off of the walls and clumps up in the line, forming small blockages. If those blockages aren't cleared immediately, more scale breaks off, and the small clogs become big clogs, and plugs the line. I'd bet hard cash that there's more than one plug, and I bet I could, in all probability, tell you EXACTLY where those plugs are. And yes, a compressor is the quickest and surest way to clear a plug. I had special fittings made just for that purpose. I became very intimate with that waterline, and over the course of those seven years, only (and quite literally) a couple of people ever offered to help with it, and NO ONE ever volunteered their time to help me with it. After the first year as caretaker there, I wouldn't let anybody touch that line anyway, as they would have been far more of a hinderance than a help. Another way to clear the line is with a 150 foot fishtape (a 150' fishtape will work on the entire line, as the longest piece is 300'), but that takes a little time, and work, which Donna or the owners aren't willing to do. I'd also bet good money that I could have that line cleared in less than an hour, if I had the compressor, but, when I left there, the owners pretty much put out the word that I was a lazy, good for nothing idiot who didn't know anything about living in the desert, and who stole thousands of dollars from them, and who prevented them from making large sums of money. So I say "screw em". If anybody thinks that's being cold hearted, let them work on that waterline for a month by themselves, and see if their perception of things don't change a bit. If anybody on the DV website wants to volunteer their time, let me know, and I'll send you detailed info on how to do it, but since I'm the only person that has ever spent A LOT of time on that line, tell them to expect a full day's work. And that problem WILL come back. It's worse, by far, in the Springtime. I told Donna right from the very start that she would have problems with the waterline. The owners wouldn't listen, and thought they had a "better idea", so it's now on their shoulders.
Anyway, if you want to post this response on the DV website, go for it. I challenge ANYBODY to tell me I'm wrong about the waterline, being the only person, living or dead, that has extensive experience on that thing. I hope that someone is kind enough to devote a weekend getting that thing going, but it will only fix the problem for a very short time. The ONLY way to prevent that problem is to replace the upper mile of line every 3 months. And they better not think about dumping chemicals into the creek to take care of the scale, as they would have to dump HUGE quantities to even begin to take care of the scale, and the environmentalists would have a field day.
Ok, this is getting kind of long, and I apologize for that, but you did ask my opinion on something that I have extensive knowledge on, and am willing to share it with anybody that asks. Say hi to Shirley for me, and will TTUL.....73........Lightfoot

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