Re: Trails closed by Desert Protection Act?

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Posted by chahwalla on February 25, 2003 at 23:55:37:

In Reply to: Trails closed by Desert Protection Act? posted by Crowdog on February 23, 2003 at 15:51:33:

If you are starting to visit DV don't worry about the closed trails. That has been happening for many decades. These are some roads that I've been on that have been closed recently. The names of some more areas closed would be: Surprise Canyon, Tuber Canyon, the road from DVNM boundry on Wildrose Rd to the Panamint Dunes Rd. on highway 190, the road past Wildrose Ranger Station to, I think, Antiony Mine, the road to the southern end of White Sage Flat, A Canyon, road to the Christmas Mine and servce road to the Skidoo Pipe Line, The roads to Bald Mt and CB mine cabin, Wood Cyn past the Argenta Mine, road to the Tiny Mine off the Skidoo Rd. and many side roads around Skidoo like the road to the Hanging Cliff Mine and the Garabaldi Mine. The road to Greens Mill, the back road to Telephone Canyon and the north end of Skidoo.
That is just the road closure in a small area, from Ballarat to highway 190 by way of Wildrose. Wildrose in now closed to larger vehicles and may in the future be closed due to rain damage.
Don't worry about the closed roads, let the old timers gripe. Get out and visit the many places you can. Later you can hike to some of the off limit areas.

have fun

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