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Posted by Lara on February 22, 2003 at 22:33:39:

I bought a new car! Since BabyBaby was totally totaled in the accident I was forced to buy a new vehicle.

I bought a new Tracker. Ok, four-wheel drive lite for girls. But the last Tracker went everywhere - even up South Park, Goler AND the hellacious road to Lookout City. Nifty little car.

Besides, this was all I could afford.

I am getting new tires as part of the deal. Heavy duty off-road tires. One of the suggestions from the parts guy was Goodrich. Bigger than what came stock, which are just passenger tires.

Is this a good brand? There is a guy in town that put them on his new Tracker and will let me come take a look before I commit. I put Yokahamas on the last Tracker, but I don't think those are available any longer. Not sure what my options are but I really need some suggestions.

This car has to go on the highway too, back and forth to work.



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