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Posted by Geof on February 21, 2003 at 22:28:18:

In Reply to: Re: Personal Locator Beacons posted by Locate This on February 21, 2003 at 12:50:29:

Some valid concerns, but there are no registration or other add-on fees to the PLB itself. Just the initial purchase cost. The unit must be registered, but that only costs you postage.

The web site notes that there are penalties for intentional false alarms. Otherwise, the SARSAT service is taxpayer funded with no direct costs to the user. I can't speak to costs passed on by local search and rescue teams; you can take that up with them (see link below).

Granted, it is always better to use common sense, travel in groups, let friends and family know your itinerary, file backcountry forms with the National Park Service, etc. Still, I myself usually day hike and drive solo (and usually don't see anyone else all day). A PLB would help if I have a medical emergency (snake bite, broken leg, etc.) and can't get back by myself. I would rather pay the SAR costs (if any) than be dead. There would probably be a search anyway if I'm overdue, so a PLB could actually eliminate a lengthy and expensive search.

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