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Posted by Harold Ericsson on February 03, 2003 at 13:46:37:

My friend, Pat Hannan has asked me to post on Death Valley Talk two letters of his that have recently (February 2, 2003) been published in the The Daily Independent, Ridgecrest. Pat uses the two meter ham band for emails only and cannot access the web, thus his request to me to pass on his letters. Birdman

Red Rock Canyon General Plan comments
Your proposed Last Chance Canyon annexation to the Red Rock California State Park, is nothing more than a land grab of public lands.
If this annexation goes through, as you have proposed, it will be an expansion to the subject matter. Then you will close access roads, to same just like you did in the Red Rock Canyon area, to the general public. You can not manage what you already have in a proper method, so why add to the problem.
Also I see this as a method of hiring on more park rangers to administer this added land. In this day and age, with state budget problems, this land grab from public lands should not be allowed...
Patrick H. Hannan

Panamint Valley and Surprise Canyon comments
I am absolutely disgusted that the BLM, out of Ridgecrest no less, has installed a barrier at the mouth of Surprise Canyon to prevent vehicles from driving beyond the Chris Wicht Camp and on up to Panamint City.
All of this because The Center for Biological Diversity has filled a lawsuit against the BLM for failure to implement a environmental protection measurement?
What this equates to me is that the BLM has stopped all vehicular traffic from using this RS 2477 designated road. A court injunction should be filed immediately against the Center for Biological Diversity, to allow vehicular traffic to use this road to Panamint City, whilst the Environmental Impact Report is being established.
It's like saying the people, with their vehicles, that use this RS 2477 road are GUILTY of using a 100-year old road and will not be allowed to access Panamint City. The people and vehicles should be allowed to use this road whilst the BLM is preparing the EIR
Furthermore, for the two sections of the, so-called "stream," are being considered for designation as a "Wild and Scenic River" are completely ridiculous. Anyone with any notion of common sense would not even think this way.
Do you think the general public really believes this? If that were the case then would the California Department of Fish and Game require boat permits to use this so called river. I don't think so!
Being that The Center for Biological Diversity has filed a lawsuit against the BLM, and the BLM has, in turn, closed off this road to Panamint City, is another classic case of big government closing areas to the general public, let alone the private landowners up in Panamint City.
In summary I would like to say the following as a matter of public record
I am against the closure of this RS 2477 road going up to Panamint City which is in the Death Valley National Park system.
I am against the BLM for even considering that this "Rivulet" of water would be even be considered as a wild and scenic river.
I am against the Center of Biological Diversity for filing the lawsuit for the BLM's failure to produce a EIR, in an efficient manner. This is just another waste of taxpayer money!
Patrick H. Hannan

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