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Posted by Randy S on January 28, 2003 at 18:35:36:

In Reply to: Families in Death Valley posted by Nosmo on January 28, 2003 at 11:24:41:

My parents started taking my brothers and myself on trips to DV in the early 1960ís. Most of these trips were during the Thanksgiving weekend of each year. We would meet up with other family members, mainly grandparents, and would spend our time roaming the back roads or day hiking. We always camped at Texas Spring campground in the upper area, back in the time when there were a few trees still growing around the campground. My brothers and I would spend some of our time climbing and running around the hills near the campground, or seeing how far we could walk up the drainage ravine just above the camp. Over the years we visited many of the regular hot spots (Ubehebe Craters, Titus Canyon, Rhyolite, Wildrose Canyon, etc.) As a child these places were a true wonder to me.

On one occasion we, the guys, did a day hike down the large canyon below Zabriskie Point that drains the upper portion of Furnace Creek, while the ladies, my mother and grandmother, drove the car back into the valley and met up with us at the bottom of the canyon. That was a great hike. Had to climb down a few dry falls along the route.

As the years passed, we started making more trips during different times of the year and to different locations. About 1965 we began taking frequent trips with a family friend, Harold Hobbs, who had been roaming DV since the 1950ís. We expanded our camping destinations to include areas such as Panamint Valley, Panamint City, Hunter Mountain, the Race Track, and Hobbs Hill (named after Harold) and Saline Valley (before the concrete tubs existed). By the early 1970ís, I was the only one of my family that was still making the trips. I didnít make too many trips through the mid 1970ís, but rekindled my interest by resuming regular trips beginning in 1977. Harold had moved to Sonora, so my trips by this time where solo or with some other willing person looking for adventure. After graduating in 1980 with my degree in Geology, I continued my adventures with a renewed interest making three to four trips a year. On a few occasions, I have been able to have my son join me.

Itís been a great life, with many more years to go.

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