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Posted by maddog_bill on January 17, 2003 at 23:20:13:

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The BLM has published numerous reports discussing raven depravation and the respitory disease. The latest report that I have seen estimates 7 to 12 percent of the tortoise deaths are caused by vehicles and most of them are on the paved highways. The area where the largest decline is in the Desert Tortoise Natural Area (DTNA) just north of California City. This site was set aside to promote tortoise population. This area was fenced off, thus no ohv traffic. I participated in several clean up activities of the area in past years. Below most fence posts were piles of tortoise shells. The ravens were using the fence posts as hunting perches. It might be noted that the only people who showed up to clean up the litter and garbage of the visitors to the DTNA were OHVers. The Sierra Clubbers and people of that ilk who come to the DTNA and bitch about the demise of the tortoise never show up.

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