Death Valley 49ers Routes

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Posted by Researcher on January 16, 2003 at 18:40:51:

In Reply to: Pinto Peak Vehicle Access? posted by Kev on January 16, 2003 at 14:56:15:

Kev, once bitten with the Death Valley 49ers bug, you may embark on quite a journey of your own attempting to unravel the mystery of the exact routes. After pouring over every available reference source I could find, I concluded that LeRoy Johnson proved his theory most scientifically, and I consider him the consummate expert on the subject; although I still am not convinced on the Towne Pass vs. Pinto Peak "Snow Camp" route into Panamint Valley taken by the Jayhawkers or the Red (Rock) Canon vs. Last Chance Canyon route to Desert Spring in Fremont Valley. Nevertheless, Mr. Johnson's extensively footnoted text is without comparison in its detail and cross-referencing, and is the result of decades of sleuthing and footwork. Johnson's exhaustive research concluded the Towne Pass route with supporting evidence provided by maps from the mid-19th century Wheeler expedition and others; however, the "Snow Camp" entries of the Briers and other Jayhawkers seems to suggest a higher elevation than offered through Towne Pass. Additionaly, dated inscriptions at Jayhawker Spring suggest a more southerly route out of Death Valley. Who knows for sure? It's the stuff that legends are made of. Start building your library: 1. Death Valley In '49 et/al, W.L. Manly (the Bible), 2. The Jayhawker's Oath and Other Sketches, William Lewis Manly, 3. Escape From Death Valley, LeRoy & Jean Johnson, 4. Beyond This Place There Be Dragons, George Koenig, 5. Death Valley in 1849 - The Luck of the Gold Rush Emigrants, John Southworth, 6. Death Valley - The Facts, W.A. Chalfant, 7. The Lost Death Valley '49er Journal of Louis Nusbaumer, George Koenig, 8. The Manly Map and the Manly Story, Ardis M. Walker, 9. Death Valley & Manly - Symbols of Destiny, Ardis Manly Walker, 10. Death Valley Tales - True chapters from the drama-crammed past of the Death Valley National Monument, various authors, published by the Death Valley 49ers, Inc. (Publication No.3), 11. The Story of Inyo, W.A. Chalfant and 12. (Southworth's response to the debunked trunk), The Mystery of the Robinson Cache on Pinto Peak - Its facinating story brought up to date, John Southworth.

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