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Posted by One Eye on January 14, 2003 at 12:24:50:

In Reply to: Re: South Park Road Repairs posted by chuck - a - walla on January 13, 2003 at 21:30:17:

Thanks, Chuck-a-walla -
Your details add to my recollection, and I appreciate your bringing them up.

I hate to belabor things, but I beg you to rethink your assertion that my opening paragraph was "totally wrong." Below is what I wrote:

>Perhaps you don't know just how close BLM came to
>ripping out your roadwork after the unpermitted
>bridge and repairs were constructed? It took an
>influential land-use advocacy group to beg the BLM
>to bring in their out-of-state engineering crew to
>certify the safety of the work before commensing
>with the demolition. This was the result of heavy-
>duty and heated head-to-head negotiating that came
>very, very close to going the otherway.

1. The BLM DID seriously consider and discuss demolishing the bridge (yes, some staff DID totally support the bridge, but the agency DID discuss this option).

2. The BLM DID find themselves under pressure from interest groups; I failed to mention who the bridge's opposition was, and I thank you for adding this detail. Regardless, the BLM was heavily lobbied over this bridge by special interest groups.

3. The bridge was allowed to remain only after a thorough safety inspection.

4. At some point, this decision COULD have gone the other way.

Did I omit some important details? Yup. Is my perspective somewhat different than others who were closer than I to the situation at the time? Yup. But, I don't think I am "totally" wrong on this one.

Sorry to whine, Chuck-a-walla. As the Keystones wear off, depression sets is, and out comes the fragile, sensitive me.

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