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Posted by John Dawson on January 10, 2003 at 15:53:24:

I am planning a trip to Death Valley sometime this
winter which will include some offroad driving,
here are a few questions

1 - I have a Ford Expedition with stock RT/S tires,
how much of a risk/problem do you think this is
compared to putting on different tires (AT/S or
other) for the Death Valley offroad environment?
Does this depend much on which trail/difficulty
(such as the difficulty ratings on the website, or not really?

2 - Other than a cellphone, GMRS radio, lots of water,
sleeping bags, and the manufacturer's spare tire,
what would you recommend bringing for limited back
country travel in Death Valley in the winter?
Different type of jack? Full size spare tire(s)? ???

Thanks for any help/advice,

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