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Posted by Trevor Tarr on January 06, 2003 at 14:47:14:

In Reply to: Saline Valley posted by kevin on January 05, 2003 at 23:55:35:

All sooooo true. For me, the challenge is sometimes being totally IN the moment, and savoring everything you'll look back on with such fuzzy pleasant memories before those experiences become memories.

I'll be at the springs next weekend. Last night as the wind howled through the trees and blew leaves and sand and debris up my alley (as I packed my Land Rover and trailer), all kinds of poignant Saline Valley memories also came to mind. Of course, when I'm actually there experiencing those gusts, my thoughts are usually much less peaceful ... and totally consumed with stringing guy wires or chasing airborne tents....

On the subject of newbornes, my one-month-old god-daughter took her first camping trip, to Saline Valley, last month. She'll be with us again this trip. It will be awhile before she savors the springs, but she's already getting a taste for the desert wind, the smell of campfire, and of course ... the endless washboard.


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