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Posted by Trevor Tarr on December 28, 2002 at 18:45:20:

In Reply to: informal GPS Poll posted by Arkose on December 28, 2002 at 00:18:02:

I'm a big-time fan and user of GPS, and everything electronic, maps included. I use a Garmin eMap and Garmin Rino 120. With Garmin's MetroGuide maps downloaded into it, the eMap is handy in the city for finding any address, the nearest ATM or pharmacy or freeway exit with gas, etc.

I can also connect either GPS to a laptop I've mounted to my dash. On the laptop, I mainly run the National Geograpic USGS TOPO! CD's. If I've been exploring trails, left here, right there, not paying attention to where I'm headed, it's VERY handy to just fire up the laptop and pinpoint not only exactly where I am, but where the trail leads, zoom out and figure out the shortest route back to camp, etc.

I've only had the Rino a few days. It's magic is that it's both an FRS/GMRS radio AND a GPS ... AND it transmits your lat/lon location over the FRS ... so your buddies (as long as they're also using Rino's) can see your location ON A MAP on the screen of their radios!


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