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Posted by Scootertrash on December 23, 2002 at 22:05:17:

In Reply to: Re: .. but hank jr does posted by Pugsly on December 23, 2002 at 21:32:56:

Come on Hank...or is it Hankie with no Wankie? You are quite a legend to 4x4 across the west for a million miles and never wear out a tire. If you read some of the Jeep owners comments, you will see that some of them have had trouble with their rigs without ever leaving the pavement. Cliff has high mileage on his toyota and wants to upgrade for a piece of mind, thats all. Jeep or Toyota, they are all fun. If some guys like to spend lots of money on a rig and destroy it on their one trip per year, that is their business. Maybe they enjoy the other 51 weeks in the year talking about the adventure and how they can build their trucks for next year.Playing golf once a weekend costs nearly 5000.00 per year on a low dollar course. Same with bowling. Stuff in life cost money and the garage time is therapy, relaxation, and fun with friends.They enjoy breaking their rigs and love to lie down in dirt and weld the frame with an arc welder made out of a wash machine motor they bought from Trona Tom for a quarter.I would rather be with the Chickies at the camp fire and the alaskan amber but not all like that. I enjoyed your entry and hope you write again....but you are totally full of crap with the mechanical Comprehension and track record you claim. I have ridden Harley Davidson shovelheads for 23 years and Harleys never break. I have never broke down. No Harleys break down, only Hondas break...there are no Harley mechanics because they are perfect machines and so are the riders.......... get it?

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