Re: advocating criminal behavior ? yeah right

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Posted by frombadtraverse on December 22, 2002 at 00:40:24:

In Reply to: Re: advocating criminal behavior ? yeah right posted by Pugsly on December 21, 2002 at 10:11:55:

Let’s see the thread is: Proposed New Road Signs; Then, none of the road signs are in the Saline valley.

Next: Re: Proposed… and the reply is: “To lead tourists to the “Visitors center” to get them to pay the entrance fee that I never pay.”

Next: Re: Proposed… “if you don’t pay the entrance fee then how will they ever… afford…”

Next: Re: Proposed… Enter My tirade. J

I rather missed the reference to the Saline Valley in those posts. And I rather meant the barb to go to Scooter rather than you.

If you think I have unjustly accused you then I offer my apology. I may have gotten the wrong impression, as sometimes one reads things differently than what was meant when posted. If I am laboring under the wrong impression then you and Scooter have my sincerest apology.

Just meant to point out that a $10 fee for one week or a $20 fee for one year is probably less than you spend on gasoline to get there.

And I am a little touchy on the subject of people ignoring laws they don’t agree with. Maybe a bit too touchy. I will endeavor to ignore such posts in the future.

Hopefully, more people will get politically involved so that laws/policies that offend can be dealt with on a legislative level.

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