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Posted by hank jr on December 08, 2002 at 19:42:56:

In Reply to: Re: tires for off road (Toyota Tacoma w/16" rims posted by Cecile on December 08, 2002 at 15:39:48:

... of Chevy trucks? You seem to be the only person I have ever heard who really badmouths them seriously. Usually, the only time people rag on Chevys is because of preference issues-- i.e. they prefer working on Fords, they dislike the Chevy suspension setup, the Vortech engine, they have affinity with another manufacturers, etc. I can't say I have ever heard anyone say, "I dislike Chevrolet trucks because most of them are pieces of junk" except for this post.

I own and four wheel a Chevy truck, and have never had any problems on the trail, even with 130,000 miles, and bieng a 4th owner. Every mechanic or serious off roader I've ever met seems to share a genuine appreciation for the chevy brand, while some still have preference with other manufacturer's vehicles.

I must interject here, to provide another look at 4x4 vehicles for those reading this board. Remember, in all my 4 wheelin' travels, discussions, and trail runs, no serious person has ever been anti-chevy truck based on performance or durability.

Also, Why do all serious TOYOTA FJ40 off roaders, drop in a Chevy 350 engine?????

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