Thanksgiving Week

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Posted by Art on December 03, 2002 at 12:44:54:

In a desire to get back to the purpose of this board, I'll post a summary of our trip over the Thanksgiving week.

After getting a rather late start on Sun. the 23rd, we spent the night in Ridgecrest and headed into the park on Mon. After makimg contact with some friends staying at the Stovepipe CG, we headed up to Mesquite Springs CG which was our base for two nights. On Tues. morning, we hooked up with NoKarma4U (from this board) and his dad, and headed past Ubehebe and on out to the Racetrack. I was amused to see a fair crop of teakettles hanging from the sign at Teakettle Junction (including a couple of shiny copper pots). No doubt that the NPS will quickly deal with!

We then headed for Lippencott. Even though NoKarma4U was driving a Toyota Sequoia, after I described what I had found last March, he decided to give it a go. The road was basically the same as my last trip, and in better shape than it's reputation. It was no problem for my mostly stock Wrangler, and only required some spotting on a couple of turns for the Sequoia.

We then continued up the Saline Valley to the Lower Springs for a lunch break. From here, NoKarma4U headed south and out to Panamint Springs and we headed up the canyon past the upper hot springs. Past the upper springs, we followed what we thought was the track up the wash, but I think we must have missed a turn. The further up the wash we got, the fainter the tracks, and the nastier the rocks. Since we only had less than two hours of sunlight left, and we were unfamiliar with the Steel Pass route, we decided to leave it for another day and worked our way back down the wash to the Springs, and then headed out over North Pass. We finally got back to Mesquite around 7:00.

Wed. we headed down to Texas Spring CG where NoKarma4U and his family were, to find that they had saved a campsite for us. In the afternoon, several folks headed out to the Keene mill, along with "Ranger Bob" that they knew from their many past years. Later, we drove over to Stovepipe to look for our other friends, only to find that they had headed out for Mengel Pass and Goler and weren't back.

Thurs. morning we headed out to check out Echo Canyon, but couldn't spend a lot of time since we had to get back to make our contribution to Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving dinner was great! NoKarma4U and his family have been doing this for years, complete with tableclothes, silver, china and candlesticks! Three turkeys were deep fried, and everyone brought out dishes. Meeting and talking to everyone attending was a great experience.

Friday we drove back over to Stovepipe and hooked up with our friends over there. We then headed up Emmigrant Road for a day of exploring. We spent much of the morning exploring some of the roads in the Skidoo area. After lunch we headed over to explore along the Aguereberry Point Road. Friday night was spent around a campfire.

Saturday we drove out through Shoshone to Baker, and then down to Rainbow Basin near Barstow. If you happen to stop by the Crowbar Cafe in Shoshone, try their chips with cactus salsa. They are great! Sadly, Sun. morning was fogged in, and our drive through the Rainbow Basin was limited in what we could see. Traffic on 58 westbound was over an hour of stop and go to Kramer Junction. I later heard parts of I15 were the same. Must have been a lot of folks heading home!

We are heading out for another week in DV, the week follwing Christmas!


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