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Posted by Denver on November 30, 2002 at 00:25:22:

Hi All: I know that Thanksgiving is already over, and the bicarbonate of soda is put away until Christmas, but here is a great posting I lifted from another site (With permission) that I thought some of you might appreciate, and identify with:

As you are feasting on a wonderful meal this Thanksgiving, imagine if you
>will, you are only two inches tall traversing the Mini-Turkey Rubicon.
>As you winch yourself over the Mashed potatoes, you eye up a deep gravy
>crossing, thankful for the new bendable straw snorkel, you ford through the
>gravy with no problem, even the lumps are no match for your 0.33 Mud
>tires. Soon you see Turkey Back, one of the most difficult parts, crawling
>over the drumstick you carefully avoid the giblets (although you may go back
>later.) Now all that money in gears and lockers are worth it. Over the
>breast you climb all the way to the wishbone! You made it! but going back is
>even tougher. You choose and alternate route taking the wing for an
>off camber thrill. As you find yourself stuck in the stuffing, you pull out
>your trusty winch cable and bring yourself to the edge of the green been
>casserole. Remembering to tread lightly, you barely disturb the lush green
>vegetation pleasing the surrounding tree huggers. Finding your way across
>the table, you climb the rock pile of buns, you occasionally loose traction
>on the butter spills left behind by the carnage of less
>prepared and less skilled drivers. Suddenly snap! you too join the list of
>broken axles.Fortunately you find a toothpick and get yourself rolling again.
>Sadly you
>find that Pumpkin Pie is now closed due to Clinton land grabs so you head to
>the RTI Spatula to flex your suspension. Then you decide to skip cranberry
>hill and call it a day.
>Now that you have read this, you will never look at a Thanksgiving Dinner
>the same way again.
Credited to: CJ-8 Mike

Happy Thanksgiving!!
--Tall Peter

This was from the WillysTech site - Denver

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