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Posted by Scootertrash on November 28, 2002 at 04:23:13:

In Reply to: Hanta Virus at Adopt-A-Cabin Sites posted by Don'tEatTheDroppings on November 27, 2002 at 12:36:16:

Cook outside. Did you notice the new table at the Garlock cabin? A volunteer put it there to encourage folks to keep their foodstuff out of the kitchen.Too many complete idiots try to be kind(or they are lazy) and they leave food for the next group. The rodents find their way in and thus the rodent poop problems are everywhere. They inhale leather furniture like its candy, and they love syrup bottles. I have even found that nice folks leave sunflower seeds. Stupid jerks. Those cabins are better off with a concrete floor that can be doused with bleach. They do not need a donation of cardboard boxes(edible)cottonknit curtains (edible)or woven carpet (edible)or styrofoam ice chests. (tasty)
While you were at garlock did you notice the 100 soda cans some idiots left in the rock barrel?
Each can now has a mouse nest in it as they love the sugar. Cans should be left hanging in a trash bag and not on the ground.
We try to leave a bottle of bleach at each cabin we visit. Use gloves and a dust mask.When you have a group, have a hand washing location with a 5 gallon water bottle and antibacterial soap.Make sure all kitchen help has scrubbed like a surgeon before cooking. Back packers wrongly blame the water each time they get the revenge. Its their filthy hands in everybodys food bags that sends them sprinting to the restroom.Hanta can be passed thru nasal passages with one backhand to the snotlocker. Clean your mittens often!

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