Animal Life... Badger, and Emmett's Class

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Posted by Joel Briggs on November 19, 2002 at 12:14:38:

What a weekend with Emmett Harder and a film crew! Learned more about DV then all my trips combined. Stayed at the Tecopa Hot Springs and soaked in the hot tubs and talked with several people about the place and nearby mines. Dan – learned something new about the Peace Dove mine!!! Over to the mammoth remains and to a treasure pot of fossils out near DV Jct. Over to Furnace Creek Inn for the private tour – very impressive place and with many service tunnels. Stopped at Skidoo and learned much more about the place and some other nearby places not in any books or maps.

Badger Picture: Coming up to DV Jct/ cemetery, saw a badger cross the road ahead. Emmett hit the brakes hard and I was out the door running running through the desert after it. Got a great picture of it. This is the first badger I have seen out there.

Stopped at Panamint Springs for dinner and can’t believe how crowded it is going to be during the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Just a great weekend!!!

You folks taking his class this weekend –you are in for a special treat. Word of advance, Saturday night, try to get a bed in the south building. It will make sense when you get there. I am sorry I can’t make it - will be there Saturday night. Sunday, have to fly out to Chicago to the university and then off to Mexico City.

Have fun!
Joel Briggs

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