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Posted by Last Chance Rand on November 14, 2002 at 13:41:46:

In Reply to: How to keep warm? posted by Daniella on November 14, 2002 at 01:00:42:

While on a project last winter in the West Mojave, every other weekend I spent three nights in my tent. Occasionally, we had rain, snow, and freezing winds, and I often awoke to frost on the outside of my tent.

What kept me toasty through all was "Mr. Heater, Portable Buddy Heater." This propane heater is the bomb! I started the winter project with a Coleman Blackcat, but quickly turned to Mr. Heater because:

1. It heats via ceramic tile rather than the catalytic processes, which is much warmer and a smaller exposed flame.

2. Mr. Heater has a metal screen in front, where as the Blackcat is a full-on, exposed flame.

3. The Blackcat stands on your tent floor with only a wire loop, whereas Mr. Heater is fully contained.

4. Mr. Heater has a CO detector and will automatically shut off if O2 runs low, where as the Blackcat has none.

5. The Blackcat was OK for my small 6"x6" tent, but when I need to upsize to a three-room tent, the Blackcat couldn't cut it. On the coldest of nights, I'd put up one room divider and Mr. Heater kept things quite cozy.

6. Mr. Heater has a low and high setting.

7. On full blast, the Blackcat runs all night on 1 and 1/2 1lb propane canisters, which means you'll need to replace your canister once during the night; Mr. Heater, on full, uses nearly three.

8. However, Mr. Heater accepts an adapter hose that allows you to use the small 11lb tanks, which lasts for three nights before needing a refill. And it only costs a few dollars to refill, about 1/4th the cost of 1lb cylandars.

But if you are going to use your Blackcat, I recommend:
1. Carry a small square of plywood to keep under the Blackcat to minimize heat to the floor of your tent.

2. Don't tuck it too far in the corner if you have a dome tent, as the sides of the tent shouldn't hang over the heater.

3. Keep a window open about 6' x 6' -- about 36 square inches will ventilate well.

4. Using your rain fly will help retain the heat. Sleeping on a cot will keep you warmer, too, as the heat rises.

5. Be very careful when changing and moving about that you do not knock it over.

Using the above precautions, I've found these new propane tent heaters to be effective and safe.

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