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Posted by David A. Wright on November 08, 2002 at 01:22:38:

In Reply to: Best places to stay/road conditions posted by Genie on November 07, 2002 at 21:04:59:

I presume you are referring to reaching Panamint Springs from Death Valley via CA190 or from the south via Trona and CA178.

CA190 from Furnace Creek to Panamint Springs good two lane state highway. A fairly steep climb from the Death Valley floor, with a bit of twist toward the top of Towne's Pass. Descending Towne's Pass to the west is twisty, but fairly wide sweeping curves. It is steep.

CA178 from Trona - CA178 officially ends south of Trona, but turns to Trona-Wildrose Road maintained by San Bernardino County, then Inyo County at the county line on the north end of Trona. San Bernardino County portion in good shape. Inyo County portion is good to the north end of Searles Valley. Topping Slate Range, there is fresh chip seal several miles to Nadeau Road. There are sharp, 25mph curves descending the north side of Slate Range. North of the Ballarat road the Trona-Wildrose has been repaved in the past couple years to a point about three miles south of the junction of Trona-Wildrose Road and Panamint Valley Road. It is here that you want to keep an eye out for potholes. Presently all are patched, except one in the southbound lane. Patches routinely work their way out and the holes reappear; they are big enough and deep enough to inflict tire and rim damage. Pavement is a bit rough through this stretch, although 65mph is fine. Panamint Valley Road to CA190 in good shape. One turn at the top of a blind hill about midway is the only place that might take one by surprise (the turn is marked, but the sign quite a distance south of the turn). Pavement ranges from smooth to course surface.

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