Like Wilson, you have brought Helf to his knees, CONDITIONALLY

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Posted by Bill Helf on October 19, 2002 at 14:35:45:

Like Wilson, you have brought Helf to his knees, CONDITIONALLY.

1. I wish to thank all of you who have emailed me directly to offer support and encouragement. I have, and will continue, to keep secret your name and email address. I can appreciate your desire for anonymity.
2. For those of you with short (or, convenient – most likely) memories, go back several hundred entries and you will see that we started out discussing whether the DPA was a good thing for the desert. Some of us were/and are aware as to why it was pushed through (the political reasons. It wasn’t for conservation reasons). There is far more stress on Death Valley and the Mojave Preserve now than before the DPA was signed. When this was pointed out along with the obvious political overtones, the left went bananas. And it true form, they attempted to kill the messenger (Virginia, read Garcia) rather than discuss the great increase in stress (Virginia, read visitors). After they struck out at some of us, I countered. There is nothing on God’s earth that will cause a lefty to into orbit faster that trying to get them to discuss or practice self-discipline, the truth, integrity or why good character is important. I know this from long years of dealing with them. As several of you have pointed out in direct emails, they attempted to set me up. Against your advice I entered into the fray. I did it to see who’s out there. And, I have to admit that I had a pretty good Idea before I answered the first email. I have been monitoring this Site for many months. So, I already knew the players and those who “owned” the Site. I just wanted to see who the “Killer Bees” are.
3. Now for the special recognitions: For “Poster Boy” I nominate “Coffecan.” I think that he fairly represents his good-sized following. As a stand-in, I like “The Elevator Man.” He, like most lefties, did not hesitate to bring a little vulgarity into the conversation. And, in doing so, complements “Coffeecan.” I have no hate for these representatives or their constituents. And, their hatred only affects them, not me.
4. Now, for the big announcement. I will withdraw from this erudite Web Site FOR A WHILE, PROVIDED the left sheathes their spears and finds some other issue to rally around (i.e. Are our deserts better off from a conservation standpoint since the passing of the DPA?). If you choose not to do that, I am fully prepared to continue. The ball is in your court. Just remember, ANY popping off toward me and I am back. You may consider this to be your victory. I hope that “Wilson” is still out there to celebrate his second victory.

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