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Posted by Last Chance Rand on October 01, 2002 at 13:45:12:

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Keep pets confined or leashed.
Pets are allowed only in developed areas and along paved or dirt roads.

Revised November, 1999

36 CFR 2.15 - PETS

  • Pets are only permitted in developed areas, except those service animals such as guide dogs for visually or hearing-impaired persons, which are allowed anywhere.

  • Pet feces in campgrounds, campsites, residential areas, lawns, and around public buildings must be disposed in a trash bin by the person responsible for the pet.

  • Park residents in compliance with the park’s pet policy, which is adopted by reference, may keep pets.

  • Pets may not be left unattended, or kept under conditions which may compromise its health or the safety of others. Such pets may be impounded.

Consistent with public health and safety, protection of natural resources and avoidance
of conflict among visitor use activities, pets must be restricted. Pets are not considered
compatible with the broad park goal of minimal resource impact nor inherently suitable for
adapting quickly to a strange environment often involving close association with strange
persons and animals. It is recognized that pets are a common possession of park visitors,
and provisions are made for them where they do not jeopardize basic park values.

Since pets are usually concentrated in the campgrounds of Death Valley, excrement must
be removed to prevent health hazards to persons who sleep on the ground.

The National Park Service has long prohibited pets on trails. Dogs in particular chase
wildlife, pollute water sources and can become defensive and dangerous in strange
surroundings. The burden is placed on pet owners to assure their pets do not destroy park
values for other people in areas where pets are allowed. Resident employees are subject to
these regulations and may keep pets only in accordance with the park’s pet policy.

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